Bunny Prints

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I love the magic combination of Kids , Easter Bunny & Santa . There really is nothing better.

There is nothing more exciting for the kids than waking up and seeing where Easter Bunny had been hopping through the house ..

Have the prints coming from the front door and going out the back  but its magic in between so he doesnt wake anyone ( If they ask why the prints only go in one direction ect lol ) 

We have made the print with the outside square so the powder/flour  just gets the PRINT no where else. You can choose the foot shape if you prefer but please put it in comments or you will be sent the square.

Made from 3mm MDF 
16 cm from top of middle toe to bottom of foot 
Foot Measures toes are 12 cm across 
Oval part of foot is 9 cm. 

2 stencils in a set