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Buy the Complete Pack and SAVE !!! 
Please note You Can add the Linen Spray as an extra Option to get Both Shizzit Spritz and Linen . 

The complete pack  includes :

  • 1 x Refill Pouch Scented Laundry Crystals
  • 1 x Shizzit Spritz Spray
  • 1 x Packet Shizzit Sizzlers
    1 x Floor Cleaner
  •  1 x Dryer Buddy
  • 1 x Vacuum Mates

    Laundry Crystals and Linen Spray , Shittiz Spritz, Dryer Buddies and Vaccum Mates are the same fragrance chosen from the options below.

They are totally amazing … You will be Looking for washing to do , Sounds silly I know BUT its true .
There is nothing better than climbing into bed when the sheets are fresh , with our scented crystals that freshness lasts for days ,
A scoop dissolved in the mop bucket will have the house smelling gorgeous.

Linen sprays are awesome to freshen up the curtains , Lounge , Doona Covers .. Anywhere. (Spritz lightly and not Directly on )

Spoil Your Loo … It Deserves IT ….
 aides in Deodorising and Cleansing.
Pop 1\Sizzlers into a FLUSHED toilet to freshen and deodorise in between scrubs. 16 sizzlers in a tub .


Dryer Buddies
Our Dryer Buddies compliment our laundry crystals . 
Your clothes will come out smelling even fresher than usual.
You do NOT have to use our laundry crystals to get the smell from the dryer buddy , the fragrance will be stronger however if both are used. 
Pop a Dryer Buddy into the dryer with your clothes and Done  In between uses it can stay in the dryer , you SHOULD get between 4-5  uses depending on load size and try time and temperature .. Lower temp is best 

. *** Do NOT leave in with wet clothes or place in Water .. Discard in Bin when no fragrance remains

* Occasionally they dryer buddy will open and the contents may go through the dyer , It will NOT harm the dryer in anyway . Simply vacuum out :) 


Vaccum Mates

Our Vacuum Buddies eliminate that dusty smell left from vacuuming , Instead your home will smell Fresh , Clean and deodorised. 

Place 1 Vacuum Mate in with the filter of your machine , its that simple. 
Fragrances Match Our Laundry Crystals and Dryer Buddies 
2 Vacuum Mates to a pack

PLEASE REMEMBER to Clean your filter and pop a fresh Mate in every 3-4 weeks .Not doing this may cause your machine to overheat . WE are not responsible for misuse of this product.


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