About Us

Hello and Welcome to Cheekyliscious Candles & Creations.

We (Craig & Rachel) aim to provide you with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Rachel has been making candles and bath products for over 9 years . Everything is tested and retested before it is released for sale so You the customer can trust that you are buying a SAFE product that will perform as it should.
Only the Highest quality ingredients are used in the making of Candles , Melts and Bath Products from the wax in our candles to the salt in the bath Crystals.

We expanded the business last year to include lasered products. This includes Wood , Glass and acrylic.
Craig is very hands on and loves making different things,so the buying of a laser machine was a great way to express his creativity. We can custom make & etch just about anything your imagination can conjour up.

Rest assured that no matter what side of the business you purchase from you will be receiving the highest quality in both material as well as workmanship.