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Got the Flu , A Cold or Just Feel like crap and need to clear your head and relax ? An alternative to our relaxing Bath Bombs are our Shower Steamers .

We have extra Strength Eucalyptus and Sinus Relief which are NOT suitable for Children as they contain Menthol and may take their breath.

Our Regular Strength Eucalyptus and Sinus Relief are perfect for the little people , So are the Lavender , Bedtime Bath and Energy steamers.

Shower Steamers an be used in 2 ways .
For a quick intense shower place the steamer directly onto the floor and let the aroma rise as the steamer activates and fizzes.

A Long Leisurely Shower or 2 fairly quick showers in succession , Place the Steamer AWAY from the water stream ( In the corner of the shower or somewhere the stream doest hit) , Flick a little bit of water onto the steamer to activate and it will slowly fizz and release the gorgeous Vapors. 

**** Steamers are NOT Suitable to be used as bath bombs

 Our multi tubs have 12 smaller steamers , perfect sized without feeling like you are wasting half .

Bicarbonate Soda , Citric Acid , Maize Starch ,  Potassium Bitartrate, Grapeseed oil , Polysorb 80 ,High Grade  Body Safe Fragrance , Menthol Crystals (IF Super Strength) 

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