Zoo Animal Bath Bombs

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These zoo animal bombs are sure to be a hit , sink or fizz they will make the water silky smooth and smell amazing without being overpowering. 
Choose from our Harriet the Hippo , Leo the Lion , Gerry the Giraffe , Milo the Monkey , Ellie the Elephant , Ryan the Rhino , Willy the Whale or Freddy the Fish. 

Thy come in a variety of colours , tops mainly white but with bursts of colours in the middle And 1 solid colour for the water which will range from very light to quite bright depending on what colour it is. 

Our Bombs ARE SAFE to be held by the kids as they fizz and foam away ,  the colorant we use is water based and  while their hands may stay slightly coloured for a bit it will wash off they wont stay permanently stained we promise :) . 
Being gentle on little bodies is a bonus. 

Our bombs come in random colours and scents  for the kids. 
They are in scents like Cotton Candy , Pink Sugar , Fruit Loops , Cola , Hoot, Lavender & Amber. 

We test every batch and have never had a stained tub , sometimes if there is a slight build up of soap on a bath the colour may stick to that. If this happens spray some cleaner and it will wipe straight off. 

Bombs weigh from 110g to 125 g depending on the animal.
Ingredients - Bicarb soda , Citric Acid , Cream of Tarter , Slsa , Grapeseed oil , Polysorb 80 , fragrance , colour .
Please  note I am happy to make without SLSA is required or different oil on request.
Some may contain Botanicals , Oats or Essential Oils.